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MARCH 31 - APRIL 1 2020

Let's change the building industry together

Welcome to Nordic BIM Summit 2020, one of the largest BIM events in Europe within building and infrastructure.
For two days full of inspiring keynotes, innovation insights, new technologies, and a lot of networking – you get everything you need to know about BIM, digitalisation, and how we can change the building industry together!

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Keynote Speakers

The Nordic BIM Summit Conference mainstage is where industry leaders gain insight into how advancements in building and infrastructure, are changing the world and accelerating possibilities. Mainstage presentations given by Autodesk provides strategic visions and guidance for embracing digitalisation. Other presenters include Strategic Partner executives as well as respected industry leaders.


This schedule could be subject to change. We will contact all registrants nearer the date to book their preferred session.

March 31 - Day 1

Welcome to the registration where collect your badge and morning coffee will be served. The exhibition is open for you to start mingling around.

Per Carlsson, Director Business Unit AEC – Symetri Europe

Creating value by connecting people with technology

By challenging people to work smarter we contribute to a better future. In the building industry we need to introduce new technologies with sustainable design and less material consumption. Can we at the same time improve productivity, secure competitiveness and future proof businesses? And can it be so that when technology and people meet and connect real values are created?

About Jens

Jens career spans more than 20 years from procurement and logistics, to technology development and business leadership, and includes positions at Symetri, Cad-Quality, Future Group, Mensch und Machine.

Jens began his career at Symetri in 2009 and has held a wide range of roles in the company since then. From business development initiatives to R&D and product management. Prior to becoming CEO in 2015, he was the Director of Sales & Services across the Symetri organisation. In his role as CEO, Jens has been the architect and leader of Symetri’s business model transition—moving the company to a software and service subscription solution provider that enables the company to deliver greater value for the customers.
Jens is passionate about how technology and people can be connected to create a better future by constantly challenging people to work smarter.

Jens is a member of several boards inside Addnode Group.

The Future of Connected Construction

The construction industry is undergoing accelerated and fundamental change. With more technology choices than ever before teams are focusing on connecting people, process and technology across the ecosystem and defining “innovation” on their terms. But creating a balanced innovation portfolio can also be an overwhelming endeavor. In this conversation, Allison Scott explores the process of evaluating innovative technology and how to create a connected construction strategy that helps improve the now, while helping to prepare for new ways of working in the future.

About Allison

Allison describes herself as a techno-optimist, meaning she’s passionate about the power of innovation to transform the way we design, construct and interact with the built environment. With a solid background in the architecture and construction industries, Alli is a “technology translator” who supports construction thought leadership and customer marketing.  Prior to joining Autodesk she was part of

Skanska USA’s construction division helping to investigate and integrate game-changing tech like virtual design and construction technologies, wearables, IoT/sensors, and drones onto the jobsite. 

Alli holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Arts Management from Emerson College and an MBA in Innovation and Design Management from Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School. In 2016 Alli was the  the Industry Keynote Speaker for the Autodesk BUILD Space opening.  

Digitization Strategy for smart society and buildings.

How do we create value from analogue information of various kind, IOT and a Digital Twins? And why do we need ecosystems to succeed with the digitalisation agenda and transformation for the smart society and buildings.

Listen how two different actors are creating a digital twin platform as a SAAS together, Per Bjälnes, Digitization Strategy for smart society and buildings at Tyréns AB togheter with Mats Axelsson, Head of IoT Strategy at Telia Company.

About Per

Per’s focus is to create platforms for smart digital service development. He uses BIM as the digital information structure for digital property management. Using digital twins, he develops POCs (proof of concepts) for early stages including feasibility studies. From Per’s vast network cross industries, he sees an increased interest and willingness to take the next steps with digitalization to develop a smart society and smart buildings, for real. The journey has just begun.

About Mats

Mats has more than 18 years of experience in digital transformation from industries like automotive, telecom, mining, Smart Transport, Smart Buildings and more. Mats is a recognized expert within Internet of Things, telematics and M2M. Mats was chosen as an expert delegate to the European standards committees regarding connected cars and connected trucks.

More info will be updated

AI & Architecture, Towards a New Approach

Artificial Intelligence is progressively bringing new means and methods to our industry. Beyond a mere technological shift, it is a radical evolution of our practices. Laying down a rigorous understanding of AI, and framing its inception in our field will define our ability to harvest its potential.

About Stanislas

A Paris native, Stanislas is a Data Scientist & an Architect at Spacemaker AI based in Boston. He received his undergraduate degree in Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, and his Master in Architecture from Harvard University. Focusing his practice around Architecture and Technology, his work mainly tackles the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the design process.

He has previously worked at internationally renowned firms, including Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill in Chicago, Shigeru Ban Architects in Tokyo, Flux.io in San Francisco, Helix.RE in London, and others.

Driving sustainable growth by Co-owning BIM-data

We are living and working in a complex and change fasting world. With an industry that is stuck in specialist silos using business models that don´t create incentives for efficiency and productivity is it even possible to achieve a life cycle perspective aiming to create sustainable growth? In this key-note-presentation with a perspective panel you will get a better understanding about how actual values can be created and what obstacles we need to overcome in order to get there from a legal, an architectural and a facility management perspective. Central focus being ownerships of “The BIM-model” its potential profits, values, risks and responsibilities. 

Perspective panel on stage with Nina:

Carina Hillerö, Statens Fastighetsverk

Rebecca Gulding, Different Advokat

Anna Röjdeby, White arkitekter

Enjoy some After Work Conference mingle and our sponsors in the exhibition area.

Enjoy the dinner and evening entertainment in a groovy atmosphere with live music and dancing! After a full days conference filled with information, you will enjoy the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, and have a chance to continue conversations and connecting with your industry peers.

More info will be updated

April 1 - Day 2

More info will be updated

More info will be updated

The Art of Having Bad Ideas

By allowing ourselves to have bad ideas, we can make sure that we have good ideas—eventually. It’s just not OK to be wrong, it’s crucial to be wrong, and it’s when we’re wrong that we learn. In this talk, Tobias Ahlin Bjerrome looks at how various creative organizations are creating space and time for experimentation, and how they bend their feedback loops to work with their revenue models and technical restrictions.

About Tobias

Tobias Ahlin Bjerrome has had a central role in forming the digital revolution that is transforming society and changing how we live, work, and think. He’s reached an international audience through his lectures in 18 countries, and he was recently invited to The New York Times in New York and to Facebook’s headquarters in Tel Aviv to speak about design, innovation, and critical thinking.

Tobias was the design director at Mojang where he directed the experience design for the most popular game of all time: Minecraft. He’s worked as a developer and designer at GitHub in San Francisco, and he was one of the very first designers at Spotify. Today he’s part of the jury for the Swedish Design awards, a frequent speaker and teacher at schools and companies around the world, and still building products that millions of people use every day.

Four parallel sessions will be held at the same time. As a participant you can choose which one you want to participate in.

  1. Prefabstomme Norra Tornen
    Petter Swedin, Sweco Structure
  2. BIM 360 with Civil 3D & Naviate
    Caroline Tigersjö, Symetri
  3. Buildings ships on ground – New ways to build at half the cost
    Lars Albinsson, Build 4.0
  4. Autodesk Cloud solutions overview and strategies for AEC industry
    Jonas Kramer, Autodesk

Four parallel sessions will be held at the same time. As a participant you can choose which one you want to participate in.

  1. The impact of XR in design, decision-making and communication in architectural projects
    Knut Ramstad and Bjørn-Morten Nerland
    CTO, Nordic―Office of Architecture and CEO, Stargate Media
  2. Arbetsmetodik i stora vägprojekt
    Magnus Svensson, Tyréns
  3. Construction robotics and AI in the wild
    Stuart Maggs, Scaled Robotics
  4. A changed business landscape creates opportunities for DAMaaS
    Linus Malm, Tyréns

Four parallel sessions will be held at the same time. As a participant you can choose which one you want to participate in.

  1. The Journey from Design Automation to Generative Design in AEC
    Dieter Vermeulen, Autodesk
  2. Infraworks
    Peter Ingels Autodesk and Mia Kajsajuntti Symetri
  3. Last in Line: What happens when fire safety design enters the (BIM-)field
    Johan Norén, Briab
  4. The Cedarhouse – one of the largest wooden house project in the world is being built in Hagastaden, Stockholm
    Robert af Wetterstedt – Bjerking, Anna Ervast Öberg – Veidekke and Hanna Torlen – Zynka BIM.

Four parallel sessions will be held at the same time. As a participant you can choose which one you want to participate in.

  1. How to use methodology to fertilize sustainable growth
    Rikard Matson and Fredrik Borgström, Insikt Digital Sapiens AB
  2. Granskning och leverans till Trafikverket (Chaos)
    Linnea Mäepea Nilsson, WSP
  3. Data Bakery
    Marius Jablonskis, Norconsult
  4. Learn how Assemble Systems can help you drive improved project quality and win more work?
    Alex Brunning and Ekke Piirisild, Autodesk

Ever wondered how to deploy the BIM 360 platform onto a live construction project?

Welcome to a case study and informative technical presentation on the largest higher-education construction project in the United Kingdom, and see how technology has assisted to take over many manual processes to offer a lean and effective delivery.

Digital Construction is now gathering pace across our industry and BIM 360 is one of the leading platforms that is assisting many of the construction projects to digitise their processes. From design into pre-construction and from construction to handover, workflow and technology all play a part to drive our projects and challenge people to work smarter and do more with less.

About Steve

Steve has worked in the design and build space for over 30 years and has been able to capitalise on years of experience in pioneering integrated modelling processes on major UK construction projects. This has given him great insight into the specific benefits that the BIM process can bring to all stages of construction, and furthermore enables him to provide sound guidance on how this can be successfully applied to the operations of a contracting organisation.

More info will be updated


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Pop-Up lectures

Be inspired by the industry experts giving pop-up lectures, pick up the new trends, technologies and best practices they share, to best serve your customers and deliver results.

Nordic BIM Summit by Night

Dinner & entertainment

Enjoy the evening with dinner and entertainment in a groovy atmosphere with live music and dancing! After a full conference day filled with information, you will enjoy the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and have a chance to continue conversations and connecting with your industry peers.


Let's celebrate good role models.

At the Nordic BIM Summit Awards we highlight and reward organizations and individuals who are good role models and ambassadors for how to conduct BIM and Collaboration.
  • Best New BIM Use
  • Best Industry Collaboration
  • Best Exhibitor​ (at the event)


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