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MARCH 31 - APRIL 1 2020

We proudly present our speakers

The Nordic BIM Summit Conference mainstage is where industry leaders share insight into how advancements in building and infrastructure, are changing the world and accelerating possibilities. Mainstage presentations given by Autodesk provides strategic visions and guidance for embracing digitalisation. Other presenters include Strategic Partner executives as well as respected industry leaders.​



Beata Wickbom

About Beata

Beata Wickbom has been a front figure in the Swedish tech and startup scene since 1995. She is an expert on digital transformation in traditional organizations. Her deep understanding of how trends will affect business, leadership and value creation, in combination with an ability to explain complex issues, have made her a sought after speaker and moderator.

Keynote Speakers​


Jens Kollserud


Creating value by connecting people with technology

By challenging people to work smarter we contribute to a better future. In the building industry we need to introduce new technologies with sustainable design and less material consumption. Can we at the same time improve productivity, secure competitiveness and future proof businesses? And can it be so that when technology and people meet and connect real values are created?

Jens Kollserud is the CEO at Symetri Europe.

Jens career spans more than 20 years from procurement and logistics, to technology development and business leadership, and includes positions at Symetri, Cad-Quality, Future Group, Mensch und Machine.

Jens began his career at Symetri in 2009 and has held a wide range of roles in the company since then. From business development initiatives to R&D and product management. Prior to becoming CEO in 2015, he was the Director of Sales & Services across the Symetri organisation. In his role as CEO, Jens has been the architect and leader of Symetri’s business model transition—moving the company to a software and service subscription solution provider that enables the company to deliver greater value for the customers.
Jens is passionate about how technology and people can be connected to create a better future by constantly challenging people to work smarter.

Jens is a member of several boards inside Addnode Group.

The Future of Connected Construction

The construction industry is undergoing accelerated and fundamental change. With more technology choices than ever before teams are focusing on connecting people, process and technology across the ecosystem and defining “innovation” on their terms. But creating a balanced innovation portfolio can also be an overwhelming endeavor. In this conversation, Allison Scott explores the process of evaluating innovative technology and how to create a connected construction strategy that helps improve the now, while helping to prepare for new ways of working in the future.


Allison Scott


Allison describes herself as a techno-optimist, meaning she’s passionate about the power of innovation to transform the way we design, construct and interact with the built environment. With a solid background in the architecture and construction industries, Alli is a “technology translator” who supports construction thought leadership and customer marketing. Prior to joining Autodesk she was part of Skanska USA’s construction division helping to investigate and integrate game-changing tech like virtual design and construction technologies, wearables, IoT/sensors, and drones onto the jobsite.
Alli holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Arts Management from Emerson College and an MBA in Innovation and Design Management from Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School. In 2016 Alli was the the Industry Keynote Speaker for the Autodesk BUILD Space opening.


Tobias Ahlin


The Art of Having Bad Ideas

By allowing ourselves to have bad ideas, we can make sure that we have good ideas—eventually. It’s just not OK to be wrong, it’s crucial to be wrong, and it’s when we’re wrong that we learn. In this talk, Tobias Ahlin Bjerrome looks at how various creative organizations are creating space and time for experimentation, and how they bend their feedback loops to work with their revenue models and technical restrictions.

Tobias Ahlin Bjerrome has had a central role in forming the digital revolution that is transforming society and changing how we live, work, and think. He’s reached an international audience through his lectures in 18 countries, and he was recently invited to The New York Times in New York and to Facebook’s headquarters in Tel Aviv to speak about design, innovation, and critical thinking. Tobias was the design director at Mojang where he directed the experience design for the most popular game of all time: Minecraft. He’s worked as a developer and designer at GitHub in San Francisco, and he was one of the very first designers at Spotify. Today he’s part of the jury for the Swedish Design awards, a frequent speaker and teacher at schools and companies around the world, and still building products that millions of people use every day.

Driving sustainable growth by Co-owning BIM-data

We are living and working in a complex and change fasting world. With an industry that is stuck in specialist silos using business models that don´t create incentives for efficiency and productivity is it even possible to achieve a life cycle perspective aiming to create sustainable growth? In this key-note-presentation with a perspective panel you will get a better understanding about how actual values can be created and what obstacles we need to overcome in order to get there from a legal, an architectural and a facility management perspective. Central focus being ownerships of “The BIM-model” its potential profits, values, risks and responsibilities. 

Perspective panel on stage with Nina:

Carina Hillerö, Statens Fastighetsverk

Rebecca Gulding, Different Advokat

Anna Röjdeby, White arkitekter


Nina Borgström

Tyréns & NinaB AB

Nina Borgström is not only an early adopter of BIM, but is widely known for her steady focus on advancing human values with technology with a business perspective. Nina is running NinaB´s AB and is currently working for Tyréns as a digital strategist focused on digital business development and transformation. NinaB´s AB facilitates sustainable growth for people, organizations and the industry via digital transformation, innovation and business development and by sharing experiences and tools from kundalini yoga, Ayurveda and Maya.

She have previously worked at White Architechs as the Director of Digital Design & BIM, where she was managing:

  •  Methodology and technology development including quality assurance (design process)
  • Digital innovation and business development
  • Change management – roles, new and competence evolvement.

Per Bjälnes


Mats Axelsson


Digitization Strategy for smart society and buildings

How do we create value from analogue information of various kind, IOT and a Digital Twins? And why do we need ecosystems to succeed with the digitalisation agenda and transformation for the smart society and buildings. Listen how two different actors are creating a digital twin platform as a SAAS together.

Per Bjälnes, Digitization Strategist for a smart society and smart buildings.
Per’s focus is to create platforms for smart digital service development. He uses BIM as the digital information structure for digital property management. Using digital twins, he develops POCs (proof of concepts) for early stages including feasibility studies. From Per’s vast network cross industries, he sees an increased interest and willingness to take the next steps with digitalization to develop a smart society and smart buildings, for real. The journey has just begun.

Mats Axelsson, Manager Global IoT Business Development, Telia Division X.
Mats has more than 18 years of experience in digital transformation from industries like automotive, telecom, mining, Smart Transport, Smart Buildings and more. Mats is a recognized expert within Internet of Things, telematics and M2M. Mats was chosen as an expert delegate to the European standards committees regarding connected cars and connected trucks.

 AI & Architecture, Towards a New Approach

Artificial Intelligence is progressively bringing new means and methods to our industry. Beyond a mere technological shift, it is a radical evolution of our practices. Laying down a rigorous understanding of AI, and framing its inception in our field will define our ability to harvest its potential.


Stanislas Chaillou


A Paris native, Stanislas is a Data Scientist & an Architect at Spacemaker AI based in Boston. He received his undergraduate degree in Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, and his Master in Architecture from Harvard University. Focusing his practice around Architecture and Technology, his work mainly tackles the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the design process.

He has previously worked at internationally renowned firms, including Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill in Chicago, Shigeru Ban Architects in Tokyo, Flux.io in San Francisco, Helix.RE in London, and others.


Steve Rudge


Ever wondered how to deploy the BIM 360 platform onto a live construction project?

Welcome to a case study and informative technical presentation on the largest higher-education construction project in the United Kingdom, and see how technology has assisted to take over many manual processes to offer a lean and effective delivery.
Digital Construction is now gathering pace across our industry and BIM 360 is one of the leading platforms that is assisting many of the construction projects to digitise their processes. From design into pre-construction and from construction to handover, workflow and technology all play a part to drive our projects and challenge people to work smarter and do more with less.

Steve Rudge, Technical and Delivery Manager at Excitech
Steve has worked in the design and build space for over 30 years and has been able to capitalise on years of experience in pioneering integrated modelling processes on major UK construction projects. This has given him great insight into the specific benefits that the BIM process can bring to all stages of construction, and furthermore enables him to provide sound guidance on how this can be successfully applied to the operations of a contracting organisation.

Breakout Sessions

We don’t stop here – keep track on the agenda as we update it frequently with more interesting sessions.

Four parallel sessions will be held at the same time. As a participant you can choose which one you want to participate in.

The New Super Powers Emerging in the Architectural and Engineering in Construction (AEC) Industry

In this age where technology and data growth are exponential, finding relevant ways to mine, process and display relevant data and convert that knowledge into actions is becoming the new superpower. In this presentation I am going to present some of these superpowers which are helping us replace intuition-based decisions with decisions based on facts and predictions made from data. 

The Speaker
Ricardo Farinha, Sweco
Director of technology for Sweco Finland. Ricardo has worked in the Architectural and Engineering in Construction (AEC) field for over a decade, where he has been involved in the digitalization efforts for some of the biggest Engineering companies in Europe.


CoClass: classification for all built environment and for the whole life cycle

CoClass is the new Swedish classification system, based on international standard. The system is now being implemented in software, and the use is spreading in Europe. Expect a presentation giving you a glimpse of how CoClass works and can be used in planning, design, production and maintenance.

The Speaker
Klas Eckerberg, CoClass

Klas Eckerberg is landscape architect LAR/MSA and AgrD. He has been working professionally since 1984, switching between private business and academic work. As a practicing landscape architect, he has participated in and been responsible for a large number of design assignments in residential environments, industrial sites and public places. His special expertise lies in 3-dimensional construction and visualization.
For twelve years, he worked at the Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala, where he taught computer-aided design and completed a dissertation dealing with information technology for landscape architecture. For four years he was head of the Department of Urban and Rural Development.

After returning to private business, he has, among other things, been Quality Manager for Projektengagemang for four years. Since the fall of 2018 he has been employed as Head of Systematics at Svensk Byggtjänst, where he has been a driving force in the development of the classification system CoClass.

Klas is strongly involved in issues related to standardization and digital information management for built environment. He is chairman of SIS/TK 269; member of the BIM Alliance’s technical council; member of SEK/TK 3; member of IEC/MT 81346 and MT 61355; member of CEN/TC 442.

BIM and Autodesk Technologies for infrastructure

Peter will show us news from the next Autodesk release and what Autodesk software can offer the customers according to BIM and infrastructure design.

The Speaker
Peter Ingels, Autodesk

Peter is a Senior Technical Specialist focusing on Autodesk’s Civil Engineering and Infrastructure solutions. With a background in Engineering and Surveying, and over 16 years’ experience implementing Autodesk solutions, Peter is well positioned to advise on Autodesk’s BIM for Infrastructure strategy. Peter is born and raised in Belgium but worked with many Autodesk customers in Northern Europe (Benelux, United Kingdom & Ireland and Scandinavia) on the rollout of BIM for infrastructure strategies, workflows and standards.

How should we charge for digital values ​​(BIM)? – Who owns the model?

Increased digitalization has positive effects for the construction and real estate industry. Values ​​are created when we jointly build information in digital models but who should take the investment and who owns the information that is created? Do today’s business models work or is it time to rethink?

The Speaker
Svante Hagman, BIM Alliance
Senior Business Advisor, Chairman BIM Alliance

Experienced executive with 30 years of experience from leading positions in the Construction and Real Estate sector. Acting today as an advisor and member of boards.

Prefabstomme Norra Tornen

Projektöversikt och visualisering av prefabstommen för de två tornen (Norra Tornen, Torsplan), som huvudsakligen utgörs av lägenheter. Arkitektens vision omgjord till verklighet; utmaningar och behov av nytänkande i hela processen.

The Speaker
Petter Swedin, Sweco Structure

Petter Swedin är certifierad Stålbyggnadskonstruktör som började på Sweco 2011 med en bakgrund av jordbävningssäker byggkonstruktion i Japan. Idag arbetar han både med beräkningar och 3D-BIM modellering av höga hus.

BIM 360 with Civil 3D & Naviate

We will show the pros and cons with BIM 360 for Civil 3D and how it can work with Naviate and Naviate Project functions. We will look at how BIM 360 handles Data shortcuts, X-refs and Plan Production tools.

The Speaker
Caroline Tigersjö, Symetri
Application Engineer

Caroline works with consulting, traning and support on Civil 3D, Naviate etc

Buildings ships on ground – New ways to build at half the cost

The Build 4.0 project have created a new way to design and engineer buildings, based on other industries like shipbuilding. The key is Off-Site Fabrication, which is now applied by several new companies.

The Speaker
Lars Albinsson
Creative Director, Project Manager for Build 4.0 in Sweden

Lars have led large scale innovation efforts for organizations like Volvo, IKEA, Microsoft the last 30 years. He is currently working on disruption of the construction industry.

Autodesk Cloud solutions overview and strategies for AEC industry

An overview of current Autodesk Cloud solutions for the AEC industry.
Autodesk position and strategy.
BIM 360 platform overview and customer benefits.

The Speaker
Jonas Kramer, Autodesk
AEC Cloud Sales Executive Nordic, Baltic & Poland

 +25 years’ experience of Digitalization in the Manufacturing Industry with Product Lifecycle Management solutions. Jonas now at Autodesk helping the AEC industry to become more successful with reducing cost, waste and increase margin, safety, quality, sustainability, positive cashflow with Cloud Collaboration.

The impact of XR in design, decision-making and communication in architectural projects

Nordic ― Office of Architecture has introduced extensive use of XR in project development to refine architectural design, quality control, communication and client and user involvement. Through a variety of cases the advantages of 3D, VR and AR will be illustrated, with the collaboration with Stargate Media using Magic Leap AR in the development of Gardermoen Vertical Wind Tunell as a a preliminary highlight.

The Speakers
Knut Ramstad, Nordic Arc and Bjørn-Morten Nerland, Stargate

About Knut
CTO, Nordic―Office of Architecture
Knut Ramstad is CTO / Associate Partner at Nordic — Office of Architecture and Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology/NTNU. He has more than 30 years of experience using 3D, VR and recently AR in design, decision making, quality control and communication in large building projects and urban developments in Norway and abroad. Serving as an architect and/or 3D director in projects like the Olympic arenas at Lillehammer, Oslo Airport (phase 1 and 2), Telenor HQ, The Tjuvholmen development, New Pier at Arlanda and the New Government Quarter in Oslo, Knut has gained valuable insights in how new technology can significantly improve the quality of buildings and environments as well as the processes involved.

About Bjørn-Morten
CEO, Stargate Media
Bjørn-Morten has long experience with management and teamwork from various TV and Interactive / VR / AR productions. He is now CEO of Stargate Media and has worked with many different cases within XR since 2010. Stargate Media has worked out many different cases in XR in both the entertainment segment and in industrial applications.

Arbetsmetodik i stora vägprojekt

Presentation hur Tyréns arbetar i stora väguppdrag mot trafikverket, det modellorienterade arbetssättet som används i bla tvärförbindelse Södertörn.

The Speaker
Magnus Svensson, Tyréns
BIM- & Applikationsstrateg Autodesk Civil

Magnus har arbetat som BIM- & Applikationsstrateg på under lång tid, främst i projekt som Förbifart Stockholm och Södertörnsleden. Magnus har en bred kompetens på Civil 3D och har på Tyréns utvecklat ett antal metoder för att effektivare lösa diverse frågeställningar i projekten.

Construction robotics and AI in the wild

Scaled Robotics uses a combination of Robotics and AI to automatically monitor progress on the construction site reducing risk and uncertainty. This talk focuses on how Robotics and Machine learning is being leveraged today to deliver value on the construction site. Touching on the development work done to get this far and what we think the future of construction could look like.

The Speaker
Stuart Maggs, Scaled Robotics


Stuart Maggs is CEO and co-founder of Scaled Robotics. Stuart is an Architect and designer with extensive experience of introducing digital tools to construction in both research and industry settings. Currently, Stuart is the CEO of Scaled Robotics a company leveraging Robotics and AI to deliver automated progress monitoring and quality assurance. Stuart is also a visiting lecturer at UCL and Iaac for the master’s programmes.

A changed business landscape creates opportunities for DAMaaS

The digital trends are creating opportunities for the real estate industry to manage digital information with a new business model. We present insights from a on-going project that have given us the opportunity to create new business models for the management of the digital twin. Tyréns, Telia, Symetri and Tribia are now in collaboration developing Digital Asset Management as a service.

The Speaker
Linus Malm, Tyréns

Innovation Manager

Experienced Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the civil engineering industry. Natural leader and professional skilled in CAD, BIM and Digital Information Management. Personal interest: Bandy – The real stuff, ON ICE! 🙂

The Journey from Design Automation to Generative Design in AEC

High level overview on Generative Design. In this presentation you learn more on how design offices can progress from parametric design through computational modelling to generative design. This progression is illustrated with real live examples across the AEC industry. At the end some examples from customers who booked success with it already are shown.

The Speaker
Dieter Vermeulen, Autodesk

Working as a Technical Sales Specialist AEC for the Northern European region at Autodesk, Dieter is specialized in the products of the Computational Design and Engineering portfolio. Within that domain he helps their customers to learn more about new and innovative workflows and solution strategies. He is an evangelist and big influencer of the power of generative and computational design in the AEC industry. He has been given numerous presentations about these topics at conferences worldwide.


In this session we will look at how to set up a context model in Infraworks and how to use that model to extend the design capabilities of Civil 3D.

The Speakers
Peter Ingels Autodesk and Mia Kajsajuntti Symetri

Senior Technical Sales Specialist / Application Engineer

Peter is a Senior Technical Specialist focusing on Autodesk’s Civil Engineering and Infrastructure solutions. With a background in Engineering and Surveying, and over 16 years’ experience implementing Autodesk solutions, Peter is well positioned to advise on Autodesk’s BIM for Infrastructure strategy. Peter is born and raised in Belgium but worked with many Autodesk customers in Northern Europe (Benelux, United Kingdom & Ireland and Scandinavia) on the rollout of BIM for infrastructure strategies, workflows and standards.

Mia is new to Symetri has a background as Civil Designer at Sweco.

Last in Line: What happens when fire safety design enters the (BIM-)field

How will it affect the BIM-process when Fire Safety Design becomes an integral part of the design team? What happens when suddenly everyone can speak the same language; with safety, with sustainability, with efficiency and lastly but not least, with turnover and revenue?

The Speakers
Johan Norén, Briab
Business Manager

Johan Norén is Business manager at Briab and principal engineer within fire safety engineering and digitalization. With 20+ research reports and papers about evacuation, design methods and fire safety within BIM, he is thought leader and initiator of Briab Bimfire Suite.

The Cedarhouse – one of the largest wooden house project in the world is being built in Hagastaden, Stockholm

By building in wood there is a great opportunity to reduce the climate impact. With a responsible use of the world’s renewable building materials, wood, we not only use the world’s resources wisely, but also ensure a financially sustainable investment for the future and the survival of the earth.

The Speakers
Robert af Wetterstedt, Sustainability Manager at Bjerking,
Anna Ervast Öberg, Project Manager at Veidekke
and Hanna Torlen, VDC Manager at Zynka BIM.

Robert has 30 years of experience in sustainable buildings. Anna works with sustainable design. Hanna is a Team Leader and VDC Engineer




How to use methodology to fertilize sustainable growth

In this lecture, we’ll talk about how to facilitate all creative methods in your projects and how to spread them to all future projects at every office. We’ll show you how a stable foundation of methodology will make way for new and better solutions. All of this and much more will lead your company to human based sustainable growth, and that’s our goal!

The Speakers
Rikard Matson and Fredrik Borgström, Insikt Digital Sapiens AB

About Rikard
Innovation passionista and Digital Strategist 
With a decade of passionate adventure within the AEC industry Rikard finds purpose in challenging the way we work, introducing new workflows that connect people and technology in harmony. With Insikt, Rikard aspires to help the industry to level up with smarter ways of working, setting a new foundation with methodology that inspires people to create together. He has previously worked at White Arkitekter AB as central Head of Methodology and as Business Development Manager Reality Capture at Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon.

About Fredrik

Co-Owner and Digital Strategist
Fredrik comes from a background in the AEC industry. As Head of Design Services at the biggest Architectural firm in Sweden he has built an understanding around methodology based business and operations. Today, he wants to help the building industry align and take ownership of their own digital journey through Insikt. Fredrik will talk about how to create aligned process methodology and why it’s the key to advance both the operations and business to the next level. Through Insikt, Fredrik wants to help the industry evolve in a new era of working. Technology is just a tool in the same way a hammer is, on a small scale it’s just a nail and some wood but combine it with a vision and you can get monuments.

Granskning och leverans till Trafikverket (Chaos)

Hur kan vi på bästa sätt leverera en kvalitativ leverans med hjälp av Chaos Desktop. Vi går igenom hur man med hjälp av Chaos Desktop på ett effektivt sätt kan granska och justera metadata och filinnehåll inför leverans. Lär dig att förkorta tiden för administrationen runt leverans samtidigt som du på ett effektivt sätt kan granska och åtgärda fel i leveransen.

The Speaker
Linnea Mäepea Nilsson, WSP

Linnea har arbetat som datasamordnare på WSP i sju år, bland annat i projekt som ombyggnaden av Tomteboda-Haga Södra, breddning av Ekerövägen och Högdalsdepån – en utbyggnad av nya tunnelbanan i Stockholm samt flera Trafikverket-projekt där hon har haft nytta av Chaos Desktop. Hon har även ett övergripande ansvar för dokumenthanteringssystem, däribland Chaos Desktop och hur de används på WSP.

Data Bakery

In this lecture I’m going to present how you bring order to your projects and ingredient control while baking data in your company. Experience and a strong understanding of the requirements and process required to achieve a drawing-less projects ensuring relevant information delivered at specific stages is both accurate and effective. In this session I’ll show how data structure and files has been thought of to enable successful production of the deliverables and how post model coordination in Navisworks Manage has been heavily automated using iConstruct tools to achieve a workflow that enables a successful, efficient and robust process resulting in a more coordinated design.

The Speaker
Marius Jablonskis, Norconsult

Marius Jablonskis is currently engaged as Technology Manager in Norconsult, a leading Norwegian interdisciplinary engineering and design consultancy. With over 10 years of in-depth experience in the AEC sector, he has developed extensive experience in a wide range of BIM related areas including model authoring, model coordination, BIM implementation, BIM standards and new concept development.

Digital hantering av handlingar i Sergelhusprojektet med inriktning på granskning av handlingar

Sergelhusprojektet ligger i centrala Stockholm med entréer mot Sveavägen, Hamngatan och Malmskillnadsgatan. I projektet har granskningen skett uteslutande digitalt med stöd av standarden BEAst Effektivare granskning. Presentationen avser att redovisa erfarenheter, för och nackdelar, av den digitala granskningen i projektet med konkreta exempel.

The Speaker
Daniel Sahlin, Planio

Projektledare med 20 år i branschen. Driver konsultbolaget Planio AB.

Learn how Assemble Systems can help you drive improved project quality and win more work?

Ekke Piirisild and Alex Brunning of the Autodesk Construction Solutions team will provide you with an overview of Assemble Systems covering different aspects of the project lifecycle including model-based quantification, model conditioning and asset tracking. Utilizing these capabilities helps you drive quality into your preconstruction and construction processes and helps you during your pursuit of new project work.

The Speakers
Alex Brunning
– Product Specialist at Assemble Systems EMEA
and Ekke Piirisild – Construction Industry Readiness Specialistand, Autodesk

About Alex
Alex joined Autodesk in 2019 as a a Product Specialist for Assemble in EMEA Region. Alex has a vast experience from working with many different tools for quantity take-off, document control, 3D modelling sw’s as well as working with companies like Intel and Apple Data Center. Part of Alex’s experience is based upon training customers and help them make formats compatible with different software’s.
Alex has an international experience having had assignments in Denmark, Ireland as well as Australia and today he is based in Great Britain.

About Ekke
Coming from an Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry background, Ekke has collaborated with international design and construction businesses to develop new ways of working and help adopt the latest technology. He’s passionate about leveraging BIM, rising technologies and cloud computing to build innovative solutions and new workflows for the construction industry. Ekke focused on the Autodesk Construction Solutions portfolio. He helps bring together people, processes and information to improve efficiency, mitigate risk and drive improvement throughout the lifecycle of construction projects.

We digitize the housing and wood products industry with new products and methods

Termowood AS is a Norwegian company, started in 2012. The company has developed a patented wood construction system – TEWO, which is manufactured in Hurdal Norway. TEWO is revolutionizing the production and construction process. The company has so far delivered over 80 construction kindergartens, detached homes, care homes, townhouses, etc. Termowood currently has 20 employees. The company is forward-looking, sustainable and contributes to a healthier environment. The company is focused on digitizing its products that will create new and effective sales methods.

The Speaker
Henning Thorsen, TEWO

About Henning
Henning is the founder of Termowood. Has education in entrepreneurship from BI and has started several companies / projects. Alongside this, he is educated and worked as a chef before.He specializes in innovation and commercialization processes, has good industry knowledge and a wide network of contacts in the construction industry.

Computational design and how structural/civil engineers can improve and accelerate modelling in design processes

Learn how to implement and develop computational modelling techniques in the structural/civil engineering industries. You will learn how Dynamo can be utilised to improve the modelling of linear and vertical structures using Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Civil 3D and Dynamo. We will also explore immerging generative design technologies for the AEC market.

The Speaker
Lawrence Hooker, Excitech

Technical Consultant

About Lawrence
Lawrence has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry with a focus in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. He has successfully delivered many implementation projects for a number of clients across the UK including Arup, Halcrow, Mott MacDonald, Shell UK and Skanska to name only a few.

Skanska Sweden DigiHub Transform Team and the buzzword partnership.

We share our insight and reflections on the activities and mindset that we’ve used to change the ways we partner and collaborate with large and small tech companies. Why we believe that new ways are needed to improve our efficiency. How we increase the value in our offering as well as accelerating the digitalization and pushing the boundaries of our whole industry, the industry we love!

The Speaker
Henrik Ljungberg, Skanska

Digital Innovation Manager, Digital Hub




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